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Collaborations at DEHA Laboratory

At DEHA Laboratory, we believe in the power of partnership to drive innovation and research forward. Our collaborations with leading health services, academic institutions, and innovative companies are central to our mission of advancing the frontiers of health analytics and medical research. Through these partnerships, we aim to create a synergy that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, benefiting both the scientific community and the wider society.

Our Partners
  • Maccabi Healthcare Services & Kan Sagol Research Center: Together with Maccabi, one of the largest healthcare providers, and the esteemed Kan Sagol Research Center, we embark on groundbreaking research projects in the fields of predictive analytics and personalized medicine. These collaborations leverage Maccabi’s vast data resources and clinical insights, combined with our analytical expertise, to pioneer advancements in healthcare delivery and patient care.

  • Clalit Health Services: Our partnership with Clalit, Israel's largest health service organization, focuses on the utilization of big data in healthcare. We jointly develop and implement advanced algorithms and models to improve health outcomes, enhance patient care, and optimize healthcare services, making significant contributions to public health research.

  • Stanford University: Collaborating with Stanford, a world-leading institution in research and education, enables us to conduct cutting-edge research in medical science. This partnership provides us with access to international expertise, advanced methodologies, and a global research network, fostering innovation and academic excellence.

  • Yale University: Our collaboration with Yale University underscores our commitment to exploring new horizons in medical research. By combining Yale’s renowned research capabilities with our data analytics expertise, we work on joint projects that aim to solve complex health challenges, contributing to the advancement of global health.

  • Sarid Institute: Working closely with the Sarid Institute, we focus on the development of novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches. This collaboration brings together experts in medical research, bioinformatics, and data analysis to tackle pressing issues in disease prevention and treatment.

  • WizerMed: Our partnership with WizerMed, a forward-thinking healthcare technology company, emphasizes the application of artificial intelligence in medicine. By co-developing AI-based solutions, we aim to revolutionize patient care, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enhance the efficiency of healthcare services.

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